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[PEAR]2011.02.26 PEAR.PHP.NETパッケージ一覧


時間があるとき面白そうなのは試していきたいですね。 VersionControl_Git、Services_Facebookってのができてました。Validate_JPはまだないみたいですね。

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  6. ====================================
  7. PACKAGE                                        LATEST     LOCAL
  8. pear/Archive_Tar                               1.3.8      1.3.7 Tar file management class
  9. pear/Archive_Zip                               0.1.2            Zip file archiving management class
  10. pear/AsteriskManager                                            Control an Asterisk PBX server from PHP
  11. pear/Auth                                      1.6.4            Creating an authentication system.
  12. pear/Auth_HTTP                                 2.1.8            HTTP authentication
  13. pear/Auth_PrefManager                          1.2.0            Preferences management class
  14. pear/Auth_PrefManager2                         2.0.0dev1        Preferences management class
  15. pear/Auth_RADIUS                               1.0.7            Wrapper Classes for the RADIUS PECL.
  16. pear/Auth_SASL                                 1.0.6            Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses
  17. pear/Benchmark                                 1.2.9            Framework to benchmark PHP scripts or function calls.
  18. pear/Cache                                     1.5.6            Framework for caching of arbitrary data.
  19. pear/Cache_Lite                                1.7.12           Fast and Safe little cache system
  20. pear/Calendar                                  0.5.5            A package for building Calendar data structures (irrespective of output)
  21. pear/CodeGen                                   1.0.7            Tool to create Code generaters that operate on XML descriptions
  22. pear/CodeGen_MySQL                             1.0.0RC1         Abstract base package for MySQL code generators
  23. pear/CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin                      0.9.2            Tool to generate MySQL Pugins from an XML description
  24. pear/CodeGen_MySQL_UDF                         1.0.0RC1         Tool to generate MySQL UDF extensions from an XML description
  25. pear/CodeGen_PECL                              1.1.3            Tool to generate PECL extensions from an XML description
  26. pear/Config                                    1.10.12          Your configuration's swiss-army knife.
  27. pear/Config_Lite                               0.1.2            a lightweight and fast Config class for ini style text configuration files.
  28. pear/Console_Color                             1.0.3            This Class allows you to easily use ANSI console colors in your application.
  29. pear/Console_Color2                            0.1.0            A PHP5+ revamp of Console_Color
  30. pear/Console_CommandLine                       1.1.3            A full featured command line options and arguments parser
  31. pear/Console_Getargs                           1.3.5            A command-line arguments parser
  32. pear/Console_Getopt                            1.3.1      1.3.0 Command-line option parser
  33. pear/Console_GetoptPlus                        1.0.0RC1         Command-line option parser - Console Getopt+ (Getopt Plus)
  34. pear/Console_ProgressBar                       0.5.2beta        This class provides you with an easy-to-use interface to progress bars.
  35. pear/Console_Table                             1.1.4            Class that makes it easy to build console style tables
  36. pear/Contact_AddressBook                       0.5.1            Address book export-import class
  37. pear/Contact_Vcard_Build                       1.1.2            Build (create) and fetch vCard 2.1 and 3.0 text blocks.
  38. pear/Contact_Vcard_Parse                       1.32.0           Parse vCard 2.1 and 3.0 files.
  39. pear/Crypt_Blowfish                            1.1.0RC2         Allows for quick two-way blowfish encryption without requiring the MCrypt PHP extension.
  40. pear/Crypt_CBC                                 1.0.1            A class to emulate Perl's Crypt::CBC module.
  41. pear/Crypt_CHAP                                1.5.0            Generating CHAP packets.
  42. pear/Crypt_DiffieHellman                       0.2.5            Implementation of Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange cryptographic protocol for PHP5
  43. pear/Crypt_GPG                                 1.3.2            GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)
  44. pear/Crypt_HMAC                                1.0.1            A class to calculate RFC 2104 compliant hashes.
  45. pear/Crypt_HMAC2                               1.0.0            Implementation of Hashed Message Authentication Code for PHP5
  46. pear/Crypt_MicroID                             0.1.0            PHP MicroID library.
  47. pear/Crypt_RC4                                 1.0.3            Encryption class for RC4 encryption.
  49.                                                                 Users are highly encourages to migrate to Crypt_RC42 (Crypt RC4 2.0); a PHP5 compatible release with multiple bug fixes.
  50. pear/Crypt_RC42                                0.9.0            Encryption class for RC4 encryption for PHP 5
  51. pear/Crypt_RSA                                 1.2.1            Provides RSA-like key generation, encryption/decryption, signing and signature checking.
  53.                                                                 Users are strongly advised to migrate to phpseclib's Crypt_RSA; which is better maintained and less vulnerable to security issues.
  54. pear/Crypt_Xtea                                1.1.0            A class that implements the Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) (New Variant).
  55. pear/Crypt_XXTEA                               0.9.0            An implementation of the XXTEA encryption algorithm. NOTICE: unregular default behavior.
  56. pear/Date                                      1.5.0a2          Generic date/time handling class for PEAR
  57. pear/Date_Holidays                             0.21.5           Driver based class to calculate holidays.
  58. pear/Date_Holidays_Australia                   0.2.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Australia.
  59. pear/Date_Holidays_Austria                     0.1.4            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Austria.
  60. pear/Date_Holidays_Brazil                      0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Brazil.
  61. pear/Date_Holidays_Croatia                     0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Croatia.
  62. pear/Date_Holidays_Denmark                     0.1.3            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Denmark.
  63. pear/Date_Holidays_Discordian                  0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate Discordian holidays.
  64. pear/Date_Holidays_EnglandWales                0.1.4            Driver based class to calculate holidays in England and Wales.
  65. pear/Date_Holidays_Finland                     0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Finland.
  66. pear/Date_Holidays_Germany                     0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Germany.
  67. pear/Date_Holidays_Iceland                     0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Iceland.
  68. pear/Date_Holidays_Ireland                     0.1.3            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Ireland.
  69. pear/Date_Holidays_Italy                       0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Italy.
  70. pear/Date_Holidays_Japan                       0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Japan.
  71. pear/Date_Holidays_Netherlands                 0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Netherlands.
  72. pear/Date_Holidays_Norway                      0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Norway.
  73. pear/Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet                   0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate birthdays of some members of the PHP.net community.
  74. pear/Date_Holidays_Portugal                    0.1.0            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Portugal.
  75. pear/Date_Holidays_Romania                     0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Romania.
  76. pear/Date_Holidays_SanMarino                   0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in San Marino.
  77. pear/Date_Holidays_Slovenia                    0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Slovenia.
  78. pear/Date_Holidays_Spain                       0.1.3            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Spain.
  79. pear/Date_Holidays_Sweden                      0.1.3            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Sweden.
  80. pear/Date_Holidays_Ukraine                     0.1.2            Driver based class to calculate holidays in the Ukraine.
  81. pear/Date_Holidays_UNO                         0.1.3            Driver based class to calculate holidays in UNO.
  82. pear/Date_Holidays_USA                         0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in USA.
  83. pear/Date_Holidays_Venezuela                   0.1.1            Driver based class to calculate holidays in Venezuela.
  84. pear/DB                                        1.7.14           Database Abstraction Layer
  85. pear/DBA                                       1.1.1            Berkely-style database abstraction class
  86. pear/DBA_Relational                            0.2.0            Berkely-style database abstraction class
  87. pear/DB_ado                                    1.3.1            DB driver which use MS ADODB library
  88. pear/DB_DataObject                             1.9.6            An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables
  89. pear/DB_DataObject_FormBuilder                 1.0.1            Class to automatically build HTML_QuickForm objects from a DB_DataObject-derived class
  90. pear/DB_ldap                                   1.2.1            DB interface to LDAP server
  91. pear/DB_ldap2                                  0.5.1            DB drivers for LDAP v2 and v3 database
  92. pear/DB_NestedSet                              1.4.1            API to build and query nested sets
  93. pear/DB_NestedSet2                                              API to build and query nested sets
  94. pear/DB_odbtp                                  1.0.4            DB interface for ODBTP
  95. pear/DB_Pager                                  0.7.2            Retrieve and return information of database result sets
  96. pear/DB_QueryTool                              1.1.2            An OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB.
  97. pear/DB_Sqlite_Tools                           0.1.7            DB_Sqlite_Tools is an object oriented interface to effectively manage and backup Sqlite databases.
  98. pear/DB_Table                                  1.5.6            An object oriented interface to, and model of, a database. Integrates with HTML_QuickForm.
  99. pear/Event_Dispatcher                          1.1.0            Dispatch notifications using PHP callbacks
  100. pear/Event_SignalEmitter                       0.3.2            Generic signal emitting class with the same API as GObject.
  101. pear/File                                      1.4.0            Common file and directory routines
  102. pear/File_Archive                              1.5.4            File_Archive will let you manipulate easily the tar, gz, tgz, bz2, tbz, zip, ar (or deb) files
  103. pear/File_Bittorrent                           1.1.0            Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format
  104. pear/File_Bittorrent2                          1.3.1            Decode and Encode data in Bittorrent format
  105. pear/File_Cabinet                              0.1.0            Microsoft Cabinet file extraction using either cabextract or expand
  106. pear/File_CSV                                  1.0.0            Read and write of CSV files
  107. pear/File_CSV_DataSource                       1.0.1            Simple data access object for csv files in php5.
  108. pear/File_DeliciousLibrary                     0.1.1            Parser for the library database of the Delicious Library software.
  109. pear/File_DICOM                                0.3              Package for reading and modifying DICOM files
  110. pear/File_DNS                                  0.1.0            Manipulate RFC1033-style DNS Zonefiles
  111. pear/File_Find                                 1.3.1            A Class the facilitates the search of filesystems
  112. pear/File_Fortune                              1.0.0            File_Fortune provides an interface for reading from and writing to fortune files.
  113. pear/File_Fstab                                2.0.3            Read and write fstab files
  114. pear/File_Gettext                              0.4.1            GNU Gettext file parser
  115. pear/File_HtAccess                             1.2.1            Manipulate .htaccess files
  116. pear/File_IMC                                  0.4.3            Create and parse Internet Mail Consortium-style files (like vCard and vCalendar)
  117. pear/File_Infopath                             0.1.0            A package to read the schema and views in html from a Microsoft Infopath file
  118. pear/File_MARC                                 0.6.2            Parse, modify, and create MARC records
  119. pear/File_Mogile                               0.2.0            PHP interface to MogileFS
  120. pear/File_Ogg                                  0.3.1            Retrieves metadata from Ogg files.
  121. pear/File_Passwd                               1.1.7            Manipulate many kinds of password files
  122. pear/File_PDF                                  0.3.3            PDF generation using only PHP.
  123. pear/File_SearchReplace                        1.1.4            Performs search and replace routines.The package always perform replace and doesn't provide separate functions for search.
  124. pear/File_Sitemap                              0.1.4            Create and manage sitemap files.
  125. pear/File_SMBPasswd                            1.0.3            Class for managing SAMBA style password files.
  126. pear/File_Util                                 1.0.0            Common file and directory utility functions
  127. pear/File_XSPF                                 0.3.0            Package for Manipulating XSPF Playlists
  128. pear/FSM                                       1.3.1            Finite State Machine
  129. pear/Games_Chess                               1.0.1            Construct and validate a logical chess game, does not display
  130. pear/Genealogy_Gedcom                          1.0.1            Gedcom parser
  131. pear/Gtk2_EntryDialog                          1.0.0            Message box with text entry field
  132. pear/Gtk2_ExceptionDump                        1.1.0            Analyze exceptions, php and PEAR errors visually
  133. pear/Gtk2_FileDrop                             1.0.0            Make Gtk widgets accept file drops
  134. pear/Gtk2_IndexedComboBox                      1.1.0            Indexed Gtk2 combo box similar to the HTML select box.
  135. pear/Gtk2_PHPConfig                            1.0.0RC2         GUI Interface to the php.ini file
  136. pear/Gtk2_ScrollingLabel                       0.4.1            A Scrolling label for PHP-Gtk2
  137. pear/Gtk2_VarDump                              1.0.0            A simple GUI to examine php data trees
  138. pear/Gtk_FileDrop                              1.0.3            Make Gtk widgets accept file drops
  139. pear/Gtk_MDB_Designer                          0.1              An Gtk Database schema designer
  140. pear/Gtk_ScrollingLabel                        1.0.0            A scrolling label for PHP-Gtk
  141. pear/Gtk_Styled                                1.0.0            PHP-GTK pseudo-widgets that mimic GtkData based objects and allow the look and feel to be controlled by the programmer.
  142. pear/Gtk_VarDump                               1.0.1            A simple GUI to example php data trees
  143. pear/HTML_AJAX                                 0.5.6            PHP and JavaScript AJAX library
  144. pear/HTML_BBCodeParser                         1.2.3            This is a parser to replace UBB style tags with their html equivalents.
  145. pear/HTML_Common                               1.2.5            PEAR::HTML_Common is a base class for other HTML classes.
  146. pear/HTML_Common2                              2.0.0            Abstract base class for HTML classes (PHP5 port of HTML_Common package).
  147. pear/HTML_Crypt                                1.3.4            Encrypts text which is later decoded using javascript on the client side
  148. pear/HTML_CSS                                  1.5.4            Provides a simple interface for validate, handle and generate cascading style sheets
  149. pear/HTML_Entities                             0.2.2            Convert text to/from HTML entities.
  150. pear/HTML_Form                                 1.3.0            Simple HTML form package
  151. pear/HTML_Javascript                           1.1.2            Provides an interface for creating simple JS scripts.
  152. pear/HTML_Menu                                 2.1.4            Generates HTML menus from multidimensional hashes.
  153. pear/HTML_Page                                 2.0.0RC2         PEAR::HTML_Page is a base class for XHTML page generation.
  154. pear/HTML_Page2                                0.6.2            PEAR::HTML_Page2 is a base class for XHTML page generation.
  155. pear/HTML_Progress                             1.2.6            How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
  156. pear/HTML_Progress2                            2.4.2            How to include a loading bar in your XHTML documents quickly and easily.
  157. pear/HTML_QuickForm                            3.2.13           The PEAR::HTML_QuickForm package provides methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms.
  158. pear/HTML_QuickForm2                           0.6.1            PHP5 rewrite of HTML_QuickForm package
  159. pear/HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect             1.5.1            Element for HTML_QuickForm that emulate a multi-select.
  160. pear/HTML_QuickForm_altselect                  1.1.1            An alternative to HTML_QuickForm_select using radio buttons and checkboxes
  161. pear/HTML_QuickForm_CAPTCHA                    0.3.0            Drop-in CAPTCHA element for QuickForm forms
  162. pear/HTML_QuickForm_Controller                 1.0.10           The add-on to HTML_QuickForm package that allows building of multipage forms
  163. pear/HTML_QuickForm_DHTMLRulesTableless        0.3.3            DHTML replacement for the standard JavaScript alert window for client-side
  164.                                                                   validation using the tableless renderer
  165. pear/HTML_QuickForm_ElementGrid                0.1.1            An HTML_QuickForm meta-element which holds any other element in a grid
  166. pear/HTML_QuickForm_Livesearch                 0.4.0            Element for HTML_QuickForm to enable a suggest search.
  167. pear/HTML_QuickForm_Renderer_Tableless         0.6.2            Replacement for the default renderer that doesn't use table tags, and generates
  168.                                                                   fully valid XHTML output.
  169. pear/HTML_QuickForm_Rule_Spelling              0.2.0            A HTML_QuickForm rule plugin that checks the spelling of its values
  170. pear/HTML_QuickForm_SelectFilter               1.0.0RC1         Element for PEAR::HTML_QuickForm that defines dynamic filters on the client side for select elements.
  171. pear/HTML_Safe                                 0.10.1           This parser strips down all potentially dangerous content within HTML
  172. pear/HTML_Select                               1.3.0            HTML_Select is a class for generating HTML form select elements.
  173. pear/HTML_Select_Common                        1.2.0            Some small classes to handle common &lt;select&gt; lists
  174. pear/HTML_Table                                1.8.3            PEAR::HTML_Table makes the design of HTML tables easy, flexible, reusable and efficient.
  175. pear/HTML_Table_Matrix                         1.0.10           Autofill a table with data
  176. pear/HTML_TagCloud                             1.0.0            Generate a &quot;Tag Cloud&quot; in HTML and visualize tags by their frequency.
  177.                                                                 Additionally visualizes each tag's age.
  178. pear/HTML_Template_Flexy                       1.3.12           An extremely powerful Tokenizer driven Template engine
  179. pear/HTML_Template_IT                          1.3.0            Integrated Templates
  180. pear/HTML_Template_PHPLIB                      1.5.1            preg_* based template system.
  181. pear/HTML_Template_PHPTAL                                       Templating engine for XHTML and HTML5 with XML syntax and protection against XSS.
  182. pear/HTML_Template_Sigma                       1.2.0            An implementation of Integrated Templates API with template 'compilation' added
  183. pear/HTML_Template_Xipe                        1.7.6            A simple, fast and powerful template engine.
  184. pear/HTML_TreeMenu                             1.2.2            Provides an api to create a HTML tree
  185. pear/HTTP                                      1.4.1            Miscellaneous HTTP utilities
  186. pear/HTTP2                                     0.1.0            A fork of HTTP for PHP5+
  187. pear/HTTP_Client                               1.2.1            Easy way to perform multiple HTTP requests and process their results
  188. pear/HTTP_Download                             1.1.4            Send HTTP Downloads
  189. pear/HTTP_Download2                                             A fork of HTTP_Download for PHP5+
  190. pear/HTTP_FloodControl                         0.1.1            Detect and protect from attempts to flood a site
  191. pear/HTTP_Header                               1.2.1            OO interface to modify and handle HTTP headers and status codes.
  193.                                                                 PEAR QA would recommend Symfony HTTP_Foundation for PHP 5.3+ users.
  195.                                                                 See http://symfony.com/doc/current/components/http_foundation.html
  196. pear/HTTP_Header2                                               A fork of HTTP_Header for PHP5+
  197. pear/HTTP_OAuth                                0.2.3            PEAR implementation of the OAuth 1.0a specification
  198. pear/HTTP_Request                              1.4.4            Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
  199. pear/HTTP_Request2                             2.0.0            Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests.
  200. pear/HTTP_Server                               0.4.1            HTTP server class.
  201. pear/HTTP_Session                              0.5.6            Object-oriented interface to the session_* family functions
  202. pear/HTTP_Session2                             0.7.3            PHP5 Session Handler
  203. pear/HTTP_SessionServer                        0.5.0            Daemon to store session data that can be accessed via a simple protocol.
  204. pear/HTTP_Upload                               1.0.0b2          Easy and secure managment of files submitted via HTML Forms
  205. pear/HTTP_WebDAV_Client                        1.0.2            WebDAV stream wrapper class
  206. pear/HTTP_WebDAV_Server                        1.0.0RC7         WebDAV Server Baseclass.
  207. pear/I18N                                      1.0.0            Internationalization package
  208. pear/I18Nv2                                    0.11.4           Internationalization
  209. pear/I18N_UnicodeNormalizer                    1.0.0            Unicode Normalizer
  210. pear/I18N_UnicodeString                        0.3.0            Provides a way to work with self contained multibyte strings
  211. pear/Image_3D                                  0.4.1            This class allows the rendering of 3 dimensional objects utilizing PHP.
  212. pear/Image_Barcode                             1.1.2            Barcode generation.
  214.                                                                 See Image_Barcode2 for the PHP5 version of this package
  215. pear/Image_Barcode2                            0.2.0            Barcode generation
  216. pear/Image_Canvas                              0.3.4            A package providing a common interface to image drawing, making image source code independent on the library used.
  217. pear/Image_Color                               1.0.4            Manage and handles color data and conversions.
  218. pear/Image_Color2                              0.1.5            Color conversion and mixing for PHP5
  219. pear/Image_GIS                                 1.1.2            Visualization of GIS data.
  220. pear/Image_Graph                               0.8.0            A package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot.
  221. pear/Image_GraphViz                            1.3.0            Interface to AT&amp;amp;T's GraphViz tools
  222. pear/Image_IPTC                                1.0.2            Extract, modify, and save IPTC data
  223. pear/Image_JpegMarkerReader                    0.5.0            Read arbitrary markers from JPEG files.
  224. pear/Image_JpegXmpReader                       0.5.3            Read Photoshop-style XMP metadata from JPEG files.
  225. pear/Image_MonoBMP                             0.1.0            Manipulate monochrome BMP images
  226. pear/Image_Puzzle                              0.2.2            Generates puzzle pieces from image file
  227. pear/Image_QRCode                              0.1.3            A QR (2D) barcode image generator.
  228. pear/Image_Remote                              1.0.2            Retrieve information on remote image files.
  229. pear/Image_Text                                0.6.1            Image_Text - Advanced text maipulations in images.
  230. pear/Image_Tools                               1.0.0RC1         Tools collection for image manipulation.
  231. pear/Image_Transform                           0.9.4            Provides a standard interface to manipulate images using different libraries
  232. pear/Image_WBMP                                0.1.0            Manipulate WBMP images
  233. pear/Image_XBM                                 0.9.0RC1         Manipulate XBM images
  234. pear/Inline_C                                  0.1              Allows inline inclusion of function definitions in C
  235. pear/LiveUser                                  0.16.14          User authentication and permission management framework
  236. pear/LiveUser_Admin                            0.4.0            User authentication and permission management framework
  237. pear/Log                                       1.12.7           Logging Framework
  238. pear/Mail                                      1.2.0            Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails
  239. pear/Mail_IMAP                                 1.1.0RC2         Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
  240. pear/Mail_IMAPv2                               0.2.1            Provides a c-client backend for webmail.
  241. pear/Mail_Mbox                                 0.6.3            Read and modify Unix MBOXes
  242. pear/Mail_Mime                                 1.8.2            Mail_Mime provides classes to create MIME messages.
  243. pear/Mail_mimeDecode                           1.5.5            Provides a class to decode mime messages.
  244. pear/Mail_Queue                                1.2.7            Class for put mails in queue and send them later in background.
  245. pear/Math_Basex                                0.3.1            Simple class for converting base set of numbers with a customizable character base set.
  246. pear/Math_BigInteger                           1.0.0            Pure-PHP arbitrary precision integer arithmetic library
  247. pear/Math_BinaryUtils                          0.3.0            Collection of helper methods for easy handling of binary data.
  248. pear/Math_Combinatorics                        1.0.0            A package that produces combinations and permutations
  249. pear/Math_Complex                              0.8.6            Classes that define complex numbers and their operations
  250. pear/Math_Derivative                           1.0.0RC1         Calculate the derivative of a mathematical expression
  251. pear/Math_Fibonacci                            0.8              Package to calculate and manipulate Fibonacci numbers
  252. pear/Math_Finance                              1.0.1            Financial functions
  253. pear/Math_Fraction                             0.4.1            Classes that represent and manipulate fractions.
  254. pear/Math_Histogram                            0.9.0            Classes to calculate histogram distributions
  255. pear/Math_Integer                              0.9.0            Package to represent and manipulate integers
  256. pear/Math_Matrix                               0.8.7            Class to represent matrices and matrix operations
  257. pear/Math_Numerical_RootFinding                1.1.0a2          Numerical Root-Finding methods package in PHP
  258. pear/Math_Polynomial                           0.1.0            Package to represent and manipulate Polynomial equations
  259. pear/Math_Quaternion                           0.8.0            Classes that define Quaternions and their operations
  260. pear/Math_RPN                                  1.1.2            Reverse Polish Notation.
  261. pear/Math_Stats                                0.9.1            Classes to calculate statistical parameters
  262. pear/Math_TrigOp                               1.0              Supplementary trigonometric functions
  263. pear/Math_Vector                               0.7.0            Vector and vector operation classes
  264. pear/MDB                                       1.3.0            database abstraction layer
  265. pear/MDB2                                      2.5.0b3          database abstraction layer
  266. pear/MDB2_Driver_fbsql                         0.2.0            fbsql MDB2 driver
  267. pear/MDB2_Driver_ibase                         1.5.0b3          ibase MDB2 driver
  268. pear/MDB2_Driver_mssql                         1.5.0b3          mssql MDB2 driver
  269. pear/MDB2_Driver_mysql                         1.5.0b3          mysql MDB2 driver
  270. pear/MDB2_Driver_mysqli                        1.5.0b3          mysqli MDB2 driver
  271. pear/MDB2_Driver_oci8                          1.5.0b3          oci8 MDB2 driver
  272. pear/MDB2_Driver_odbc                          0.1.0            ODBC Driver for MDB2
  273. pear/MDB2_Driver_pgsql                         1.5.0b3          pgsql MDB2 driver
  274. pear/MDB2_Driver_querysim                      0.6.0            querysim MDB2 driver
  275. pear/MDB2_Driver_sqlite                        1.5.0b3          sqlite MDB2 driver
  276. pear/MDB2_Driver_sqlsrv                        1.5.0b3          sqlsrv MDB2 driver
  277. pear/MDB2_Schema                               0.8.5            XML based database schema manager
  278. pear/MDB2_TableBrowser                         0.1.2            Database table abstraction library
  279. pear/MDB_QueryTool                             1.2.2            An OO-interface for easily retrieving and modifying data in a DB.
  280. pear/Message                                   0.6              Message hash and digest (HMAC) generation methods and classes
  281. pear/MIME_Type                                 1.3.0            Utility class for dealing with MIME types
  282. pear/MP3_Id                                    1.2.2            Read/Write MP3-Tags
  283. pear/MP3_IDv2                                  0.1.5            Read/Write IDv2-Tags
  284. pear/MP3_Playlist                              0.5.2            Library to create MP3 playlists on the fly, several formats supported including XML, RSS and XHTML
  285. pear/Net_CDDB                                  0.3.0            Package to access and query, and build CDDB audio-CD servers
  286. pear/Net_CheckIP                               1.2.2            Check the syntax of IPv4 addresses
  287. pear/Net_CheckIP2                              1.0.0RC3         A package to determine if an IP (v4) is valid.
  288. pear/Net_Curl                                  1.2.5            Net_Curl provides an OO interface to PHP's cURL extension
  289. pear/Net_Cyrus                                 0.3.2            provides an API for the administration of Cyrus IMAP servers.
  290. pear/Net_Dict                                  1.0.7            Interface to the DICT Protocol
  291. pear/Net_Dig                                   0.1              The PEAR::Net_Dig class should be a nice, friendly OO interface to the dig command
  292. pear/Net_DIME                                  1.0.2            The Net_DIME package implements DIME encoding and decoding
  293. pear/Net_DNS                                   1.0.7            Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server.
  294. pear/Net_DNS2                                  1.2.0            PHP5 Resolver library used to communicate with a DNS server.
  295. pear/Net_DNSBL                                 1.3.6            Checks if a given Host or URL is listed on an DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL, Real-time Blackhole List or RBL) or Spam URI Realtime Blocklist (SURBL)
  296. pear/Net_Finger                                1.0.1            The PEAR::Net_Finger class provides a tool for querying Finger Servers
  297. pear/Net_FTP                                   1.4.0a3          Net_FTP provides an OO interface to the PHP FTP functions plus some additions
  298. pear/Net_GameServerQuery                       0.3.0            An interface to query and return information from a game server
  299. pear/Net_Gearman                               0.2.3            A PHP interface to Gearman
  300. pear/Net_Geo                                   1.0.5            Geographical locations based on Internet address
  301. pear/Net_GeoIP                                 1.0.0            Library to perform geo-location lookups of IP addresses.
  302. pear/Net_Growl                                 2.5.1            Send notifications to Growl from PHP on MACOSX and WINDOWS
  303. pear/Net_HL7                                   0.1.1            HL7 messaging API.
  304. pear/Net_Ident                                 1.1.0            Identification Protocol implementation
  305. pear/Net_IDNA                                  0.8.1            Punycode encoding and decoding.
  306. pear/Net_IDNA2                                 0.1.1            Punycode encoding and decoding.
  307. pear/Net_IMAP                                  1.1.1            Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol
  308. pear/Net_IPv4                                  1.3.4            IPv4 network calculations and validation.
  309. pear/Net_IPv6                                  1.2.2b           Check and validate IPv6 addresses
  310. pear/Net_IRC                                   0.0.7            IRC Client Class
  311. pear/Net_LDAP                                  1.1.5            Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
  312. pear/Net_LDAP2                                 2.0.12           Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
  313. pear/Net_LMTP                                  1.0.2            Provides an implementation of the RFC2033 LMTP protocol
  314. pear/Net_MAC                                   0.1.5            Validates and formats MAC addresses
  315. pear/Net_Monitor                               0.2.5            Remote Service Monitor
  316. pear/Net_MPD                                   1.0.2            Music Player Daemon interaction API
  317. pear/Net_Nmap                                  1.0.4            A simple wrapper class for the Nmap utility
  318. pear/Net_NNTP                                  1.5.0RC2         NNTP implementation
  319. pear/Net_Ping                                  2.4.5            Execute ping
  320. pear/Net_POP3                                  1.3.8            Provides a POP3 class to access POP3 server.
  321. pear/Net_Portscan                              1.0.3            Portscanner utilities.
  322. pear/Net_Server                                1.0.3            Generic server class
  323. pear/Net_Sieve                                 1.3.2            Handles talking to a sieve server.
  324. pear/Net_SmartIRC                              1.0.2            Net_SmartIRC is a PHP class for communication with IRC networks
  325. pear/Net_SMPP                                  0.4.5            SMPP v3.4 protocol implementation
  326. pear/Net_SMPP_Client                           0.3.2            SMPP v3.4 client
  327. pear/Net_SMS                                   0.2.0            SMS functionality.
  328. pear/Net_SMTP                                  1.6.1            An implementation of the SMTP protocol
  329. pear/Net_Socket                                1.0.10           Network Socket Interface
  330. pear/Net_SSH2                                                   ssh2 client abstraction layer
  331. pear/Net_Traceroute                            0.21.3           Execute traceroute
  332. pear/Net_URL                                   1.0.15           Easy parsing of Urls
  333. pear/Net_URL2                                  2.0.0            Class for parsing and handling URL.
  334. pear/Net_URL_Mapper                            0.9.1            Provides a simple and flexible way to build nice URLs for web applications.
  335. pear/Net_UserAgent_Detect                      2.5.2            Net_UserAgent_Detect determines the Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string
  336. pear/Net_UserAgent_Mobile                      1.0.0            HTTP mobile user agent string parser
  337. pear/Net_UserAgent_Mobile_GPS                  0.1.1            Interface for GPS
  338. pear/Net_Vpopmaild                             0.3.2            Class for accessing Vpopmail's vpopmaild daemon
  339. pear/Net_WebFinger                             0.2.0            WebFinger client library for PHP
  340. pear/Net_Whois                                 1.0.5            The PEAR::Net_Whois class provides a tool to query internet domain name and network number directory services
  341. pear/Net_Wifi                                  1.1.0            Scans for wireless networks
  342. pear/Numbers_Roman                             1.0.2            Provides methods for converting to and from Roman Numerals.
  343. pear/Numbers_Words                             0.16.3           The PEAR Numbers_Words package provides methods for spelling numerals in words.
  344. pear/OLE                                       1.0.0RC2         Package for reading and writing OLE containers
  345. pear/OpenDocument                              0.2.0            Read, create and modify OASIS OpenDocument office files.
  346. pear/OpenID                                    0.3.2            PHP implementation of OpenID 1.1 and 2.0
  347. pear/Pager                                     2.4.8            Data paging class
  348. pear/Pager_Sliding                             1.6              Sliding Window Pager.
  349. pear/Payment_Clieop                            0.2.0            These classes can create a clieop03 file for you which you can send to a Dutch Bank. Ofcourse you need also a Dutch bank account.
  350. pear/Payment_DTA                               1.4.2            Creates and reads DTA and DTAZV files containing money transaction data (Germany).
  351. pear/Payment_PagamentoCerto                    0.2.3            PHP client to Brazilian payment gateway PagamentoCerto
  352. pear/Payment_PayPal_SOAP                       0.4.0            PayPal SOAP API client
  353. pear/Payment_Process                           0.6.8            Unified payment processor
  354. pear/Payment_Process2                          0.3.1            A PHP5 Payment process API
  355. pear/PEAR                                      1.9.4      1.9.2 PEAR Base System
  356. pear/pearweb                                   1.25.0           The source code for the PEAR website
  357. pear/pearweb_channelxml                        1.15.2           channel.xml and DTD for pear.php.net channel
  358. pear/pearweb_election                          1.0.2            The source code for the PEAR website election
  359. pear/pearweb_gopear                            1.1.6            go-pear script for pear.php.net
  360. pear/pearweb_index                             1.22.1           The source code for the PEAR website, informational front pages
  361. pear/pearweb_manual                            1.2.2            The source code for the PEAR website manual bits
  362. pear/pearweb_pepr                              1.0.5            The source code for the PEAR website package voting
  363. pear/pearweb_phars                             1.9.4            The source code for the PEAR website: go-pear.phar/install-pear-nozlib.phar
  364. pear/pearweb_qa                                1.0.3            The source code for the PEAR website QA scripts
  365. pear/PEAR_Command_Packaging                    0.2.0            make-rpm-spec command for managing RPM .spec files for PEAR packages
  366. pear/PEAR_Delegator                            0.1.0            Delegation for PHP
  367. pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk                         0.4.0            Depreciated - Use PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2
  368. pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2                        1.1.0            Graphical PEAR installer based on PHP-Gtk2
  369. pear/PEAR_Frontend_Web                         0.7.5            Webbased PEAR Package Manager
  370. pear/PEAR_Info                                 1.9.2            Show Information about your PEAR install and its packages
  371. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager                   1.7.0            PEAR_PackageFileManager takes an existing package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog
  372. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager2                  1.0.2            PEAR_PackageFileManager2 takes an existing package.xml file and updates it with a new filelist and changelog
  373. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager_Cli               0.3.0            A command line interface to PEAR_PackageFileManager
  374. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend          0.8.0            PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend, the singleton-based frontend for user input/output.
  375. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager_Frontend_Web      0.6.0            A Web GUI frontend for the PEAR_PackageFileManager2 class.
  376. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager_GUI_Gtk           1.0.1            A PHP-GTK frontend for the PEAR_PackageFileManager class.
  377. pear/PEAR_PackageFileManager_Plugins           1.0.2            The plugins for PEAR_PackageFileManager to pick up what files to use, supported are File, CVS, SVN, Perforce
  378. pear/PEAR_PackageUpdate                        1.1.0RC1         A simple way to update packages at run time.
  379. pear/PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2                   0.3.2            A PHP-GTK 2 front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
  380. pear/PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web                    1.0.1            A Web front end for PEAR_PackageUpdate
  381. pear/PEAR_RemoteInstaller                      0.3.1            PEAR Remote installation plugin through FTP, SFTP, and FTPS
  382. pear/PEAR_Size                                 0.2.0            Determine and list how much filespace each installed package consumes.
  383. pear/PHPDoc                                    0.1.0            Tool to generate documentation from the source
  384. pear/PhpDocumentor                             1.4.4            The phpDocumentor package provides automatic documenting of php api directly from the source.
  385. pear/PHPUnit                                   1.3.2            Regression testing framework for unit tests.
  386. pear/PHPUnit2                                  2.3.6            Regression testing framework for unit tests.
  387. pear/PHP_Archive                               0.11.4           Create and Use PHP Archive files
  388. pear/PHP_ArrayOf                               0.2.1            Abstract class package to create arrays of specific element types
  389. pear/PHP_Beautifier                            0.1.15           Beautifier for Php
  390. pear/PHP_CodeSniffer                           1.3.3            PHP_CodeSniffer tokenises PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.
  391. pear/PHP_Compat                                1.6.0a3          Provides components to achieve PHP version independence
  392. pear/PHP_CompatInfo                            1.9.0            Find out the minimum version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run
  393. pear/PHP_Debug                                 1.0.3            PHP_Debug provides assistance in debugging PHP code
  394. pear/PHP_DocBlockGenerator                     1.1.2            DocBlock Generator
  395. pear/PHP_Fork                                  0.3.2            PHP_Fork class. Wrapper around the pcntl_fork() stuff with a API set like Java language
  396. pear/PHP_FunctionCallTracer                    1.0.0            Function Call Tracer
  397. pear/PHP_LexerGenerator                        0.4.0            translate lexer files in lex2php format into a PHP 5 lexer
  398. pear/PHP_Parser                                0.2.2            A PHP Grammar Parser
  399. pear/PHP_ParserGenerator                       0.1.7            translate grammar files in Lemon Parser Generator format into a PHP 5 parser
  400. pear/PHP_Parser_DocblockParser                 0.1.1            A /** docblock */ parser
  401. pear/PHP_Shell                                 0.3.2            a interactive PHP Shell
  402. pear/PHP_UML                                   1.6.0            A reverse-engineering package that scans PHP files and directories, and delivers an UML/XMI representation of the classes and packages found.
  403. pear/QA_Peardoc_Coverage                       1.1.1            PEAR documentation coverage analysis.
  404. pear/RDF                                       0.2.0            Port of the core RAP API
  405. pear/RDF_N3                                    0.2.0            Port of the RAP N3 parser/serializer
  406. pear/RDF_NTriple                               0.2.0            Port of the RAP NTriple serializer
  407. pear/RDF_RDQL                                  0.2.0            Port of the RAP RDQL API
  408. pear/Science_Chemistry                         1.1.1            Classes to manipulate chemical objects: atoms, molecules, etc.
  409. pear/ScriptReorganizer                         0.4.0            Library/Tool focusing exclusively on the file size aspect of PHP script optimization.
  410. pear/Search_Mnogosearch                        0.1.1            Wrapper classes for the mnoGoSearch extention
  411. pear/Services_Akismet                          1.0.1            PHP client for the Akismet REST API
  412. pear/Services_Akismet2                         0.3.1            PHP client for the Akismet REST API
  413. pear/Services_Amazon                           0.9.0            PHP interface to Amazon Product Advertising API
  414. pear/Services_Amazon_S3                        0.3.5            PHP API for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  415. pear/Services_Amazon_SQS                       0.3.0            PHP API and tools for Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)
  416. pear/Services_Atlassian_Crowd                  0.9.5            Services_Atlassian_Crowd is a package to use Atlassian Crowd from PHP
  417. pear/Services_Blogging                         0.2.4            Access your blog with PHP
  418. pear/Services_Compete                          0.1.0            Compete API
  419. pear/Services_Delicious                        0.6.0            Client for the del.icio.us web service.
  420. pear/Services_Digg                             0.4.7            PHP interface to Digg's API
  421. pear/Services_Digg2                            0.3.2            Second generation Digg API client
  422. pear/Services_DynDNS                           0.3.1            Provides access to the DynDNS web service
  423. pear/Services_Ebay                             0.12.0           *** NOTE: this package is going through a rewrite to use eBay's new API ***
  425.                                                                 Interface to eBay's XML-API.
  426. pear/Services_ExchangeRates                    0.7.0            Performs currency conversion
  427. pear/Services_Facebook                         0.2.14           PHP interface to Facebook's API
  428. pear/Services_GeoNames                         1.0.1            A PHP5 interface to the GeoNames public API
  429. pear/Services_Google                           0.2.0            Provides access to the Google SOAP Web APIs
  430. pear/Services_Hatena                           0.1.4            WebServices for Hatena
  431. pear/Services_JSON                             1.0.3            PHP implementaion of json_encode/decode
  432. pear/Services_Mailman                          0.1.0            Integrates Mailman into a website using PHP
  433. pear/Services_oEmbed                           0.2.0            A package for consuming oEmbed
  434. pear/Services_OpenSearch                       0.2.0            Search A9 OpenSearch compatible engines.
  435. pear/Services_Pingback                         0.2.2            A Pingback User-Agent class.
  436. pear/Services_ProjectHoneyPot                  0.6.0            A package to interface the http:bl API of ProjectHoneyPot.org.
  437. pear/Services_ReCaptcha                        1.0.3            PHP5 interface to the reCATCHA and the reCATCHA Mailhide API
  438. pear/Services_Scribd                           0.1.1            Interface for Scribd's public API.
  439. pear/Services_SharedBook                       0.2.6            PHP wrapper for SharedBook Open API
  440. pear/Services_ShortURL                         0.3.1            Abstract PHP5 interface for shortening and expanding short URLs
  441. pear/Services_Technorati                       0.7.1beta        A class for interacting with the Technorati API
  442. pear/Services_TinyURL                          0.1.2            PHP interface to TinyURL's API
  443. pear/Services_Trackback                        0.6.2            Trackback - A generic class for sending and receiving trackbacks.
  444. pear/Services_TwitPic                          0.1.0            PHP Interface to TwitPic's API
  445. pear/Services_Twitter                          0.6.3            PHP interface to Twitter's API
  446. pear/Services_Twitter_Uploader                 0.1.0            OAuth echo uploader utility.
  447. pear/Services_urlTea                           0.1.0            PHP interface to urlTea's API
  448. pear/Services_UseKetchup                       0.1.0            An API wrapper to the useketchup.com web service.
  449. pear/Services_W3C_CSSValidator                 0.2.2            An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C CSS Validator service.
  450. pear/Services_W3C_HTMLValidator                1.0.0            An Object Oriented Interface to the W3C HTML Validator service.
  451. pear/Services_Weather                          1.4.6            This class acts as an interface to various online weather-services.
  452. pear/Services_Webservice                       0.6.0            Create webservices
  453. pear/Services_Yadis                            0.5.1            Implementation of the Yadis Specification 1.0 protocol for PHP5.
  454. pear/Services_Yahoo                            0.2.0            Provides access to the Yahoo! Web Services
  455. pear/Services_Yahoo_JP                         0.1.1            WebServices for Yahoo!JAPAN
  456. pear/Services_YouTube                          0.2.2            PHP Client for YouTube API
  457. pear/SOAP                                      0.13.0           SOAP Client/Server for PHP
  458. pear/SOAP_Interop                              0.8.2            SOAP Interop Test Application
  459. pear/Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer                  0.9.3            Package for generating Excel spreadsheets
  460. pear/SQL_Parser                                0.6.0            An SQL parser
  461. pear/Stream_SHM                                1.0.0            Shared Memory Stream
  462. pear/Stream_Var                                1.1.0            Allows stream based access to any variable.
  463. pear/Structures_BibTex                         1.0.0RC6         Handling of BibTex Data.
  464. pear/Structures_DataGrid                       0.9.3            Render a data table with automatic pagination and sorting
  465. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Array      0.2.0dev1        DataSource driver using arrays
  466. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_CSV        0.1.6            DataSource driver using CSV files
  467. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DataObject 0.2.2dev1        DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_DataObject
  468. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DB         0.1.1            DataSource driver using PEAR::DB result objects
  469. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBQuery    0.1.11           DataSource driver using PEAR::DB and an SQL query
  470. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_DBTable    0.1.7            DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_Table
  471. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_Excel      0.1.1            DataSource driver using Excel spreadsheets
  472. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_MDB2       0.1.11           DataSource driver using PEAR::MDB2 and an SQL query
  473. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_PDO        0.1.1dev1        DataSource driver using PHP Data Objects (PDO) and an SQL query
  474. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_RSS        0.1.1            DataSource driver using RSS files
  475. pear/Structures_DataGrid_DataSource_XML        0.2.1dev1        DataSource driver using XML files
  476. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Console      0.1.1            Renderer driver using PEAR::Console_Table
  477. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_CSV          0.1.5dev1        Renderer driver that generates a CSV string
  478. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Flexy        0.1.4            Renderer driver using Flexy
  479. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLSortForm 0.1.3            Sorting form renderer for Structures_DataGrid
  480. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_HTMLTable    0.1.6            Renderer driver using PEAR::HTML_Table
  481. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Pager        0.1.3            Renderer driver using PEAR::Pager
  482. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_Smarty       0.1.5            Renderer driver using Smarty
  483. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XLS          0.1.3            Renderer driver using PEAR::Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
  484. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XML          0.1.4dev1        Renderer driver that generates a XML string
  485. pear/Structures_DataGrid_Renderer_XUL          0.1.3            Renderer driver that generates the XML string for a XUL listbox
  486. pear/Structures_Form                           0.8.0devel       A package designed to make creating input forms easy for packages and applications regardless of their user interface.
  487. pear/Structures_Form_Gtk2                      0.8.0devel       A collection of elements, groups and renderers for creating PHP-GTK 2 forms using Structures_Form.
  488. pear/Structures_Graph                          1.0.4      1.0.4 Graph datastructure manipulation library
  489. pear/Structures_LinkedList                     0.2.2            Implements singly and doubly-linked lists
  490. pear/System_Command                            1.0.8            PEAR::System_Command is a commandline execution interface.
  491. pear/System_Daemon                             1.0.0RC1         Turn PHP scripts into Linux daemons
  492. pear/System_Folders                            1.0.4            Location of system folders
  493. pear/System_Launcher                           0.6.0            System_Launcher is a simple opener of filenames and URLs.
  494. pear/System_Mount                              1.0.1            Mount and unmount devices in fstab
  495. pear/System_ProcWatch                          0.4.3            Monitor Processes
  496. pear/System_SharedMemory                       0.9.0RC1         common OO-style shared memory API
  497. pear/System_Socket                             0.4.1            OO socket API
  498. pear/System_WinDrives                          1.0.0            List files drives on windows systems
  499. pear/test                                                       test
  500. pear/Testing_DocTest                           0.5.0            A Unit Test framework for writing tests in your php code docstrings.
  501. pear/Testing_FIT                               0.2.2            FIT: Framework for Integrated Test
  502. pear/Testing_Selenium                          0.4.4            PHP Client for Selenium RC
  503. pear/Text_CAPTCHA                              0.4.3            Generation of CAPTCHAs
  504. pear/Text_CAPTCHA_Numeral                      1.3.1            Generation of numeral maths captchas
  505. pear/Text_Diff                                 1.1.1            Engine for performing and rendering text diffs
  506. pear/Text_Figlet                               1.0.2            Render text using FIGlet fonts
  507. pear/Text_Highlighter                          0.7.3            Syntax highlighting
  508. pear/Text_Huffman                              0.2.0            Huffman compression
  509. pear/Text_LanguageDetect                       0.3.0            Language detection class
  510. pear/Text_Password                             1.1.1            Creating passwords with PHP.
  511. pear/Text_PathNavigator                        0.1.0dev2        Provides convenient access to path substrings
  512. pear/Text_Spell_Audio                          0.1.0            Generates a sound clip saying the contents of a string of characters.
  513. pear/Text_Statistics                           1.0.1            Compute readability indexes for documents.
  514. pear/Text_TeXHyphen                            0.1.0            Automated word hyphenation with the TeX algorithm.
  515. pear/Text_Wiki                                 1.2.1            Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup. This is the base engine for all of the Text_Wiki sub-classes.
  516. pear/Text_Wiki2                                                 A PHP5 port of Text_Wiki.
  517. pear/Text_Wiki_BBCode                          0.0.4            BBCode parser for Text_Wiki
  518. pear/Text_Wiki_Cowiki                          0.0.2            Cowiki parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
  519. pear/Text_Wiki_Creole                          1.0.2            Creole parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
  520. pear/Text_Wiki_Doku                            0.0.1            Doku parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
  521. pear/Text_Wiki_Mediawiki                       0.2.0            Mediawiki parser for Text_Wiki
  522. pear/Text_Wiki_Tiki                            0.1.0            Tiki parser and renderer for Text_Wiki
  523. pear/Translation                               1.2.6pl1         Class for creating multilingual websites.
  524. pear/Translation2                              2.0.4            Class for multilingual applications management.
  525. pear/Tree                                      0.3.7            Generic tree management, currently supports databases (via DB, MDB and MDB2) and XML as data sources
  526. pear/UDDI                                      0.2.4            UDDI for PHP
  527. pear/URI_Template                              0.3.3            Parser for URI Templates.
  528. pear/Validate                                  0.8.5            Validation class
  529. pear/Validate_AR                               0.1.2            Validation class for Argentina
  530. pear/Validate_AT                               0.5.2            Validation class for AT
  531. pear/Validate_AU                               0.1.4            Data validation class for Australia.
  532. pear/Validate_BE                               0.1.4            Validation class for Belgium
  533. pear/Validate_CA                               0.2.0            Validation class for Canada
  534. pear/Validate_CH                               0.6.0            Validation class for CH
  535. pear/Validate_DE                               0.5.2            Validation class for DE
  536. pear/Validate_DK                               0.2.0            Validation class for Denmark
  537. pear/Validate_ES                               0.6.1            Validation class for ES
  538. pear/Validate_FI                               1.0.0            Validation class for Finland
  539. pear/Validate_Finance                          0.5.5            Validation class for Finance
  540. pear/Validate_Finance_CreditCard               0.5.3            Validation class for Credit Cards
  541. pear/Validate_FR                               0.6.0            Validation class for FR
  542. pear/Validate_HU                               0.1.1            Validation class for Hungary
  543. pear/Validate_IE                               1.0.2            Validation class for Ireland
  544. pear/Validate_IN                               0.1.1            Validation class for the Republic of India
  545. pear/Validate_IR                               0.1.0            Data validation class for Iran.
  546. pear/Validate_IS                               0.3.0            Validation class for Iceland
  547. pear/Validate_ISPN                             0.6.1            Validation class for ISPN (International Standard Product Numbers)
  548. pear/Validate_IT                               0.2.0            Validation class for Italy
  549. pear/Validate_LI                               0.1.0            Validation class for Liechtenstein
  550. pear/Validate_LU                               0.1.0            Validation class for Luxembourg
  551. pear/Validate_LV                               1.0.0RC2         Validation class for Latvia
  552. pear/Validate_NL                               0.5.2            Validation class for NL
  553. pear/Validate_NO                               0.1.0            Validation class for Norway
  554. pear/Validate_NZ                               0.1.6            Validation class for NZ
  555. pear/Validate_PL                               0.5.2            Validation class for PL
  556. pear/Validate_ptBR                             0.5.5            Validation class for Brazilian Portuguese
  557. pear/Validate_RU                                                local russian Validate methods
  558. pear/Validate_SE                               0.1.0            Validation class for Sweden
  559. pear/Validate_UK                               0.5.4            Validation class for UK
  560. pear/Validate_US                               0.5.4            Validation class for US
  561. pear/Validate_ZA                               0.2.2            Validation class for ZA
  562. pear/Var_Dump                                  1.0.4            Provides methods for dumping structured information about a variable.
  563. pear/VersionControl_Git                        0.4.4            Provides OO interface to handle Git repository
  564. pear/VersionControl_SVN                        0.4.0            Simple OO wrapper interface for the Subversion command-line client.
  565. pear/VFS                                       0.3.0            Virtual File System API
  566. pear/XML_Beautifier                            1.2.2            Class to format XML documents.
  567. pear/XML_CSSML                                 1.1.1            The PEAR::XML_CSSML package provides methods for creating cascading style sheets (CSS) from an XML standard called CSSML.
  568. pear/XML_DB_eXist                                               Provides drivers to access the native XML database eXist
  569. pear/XML_DTD                                   0.5.2            Parsing of DTD files and DTD validation of XML files
  570. pear/XML_FastCreate                            1.0.4            Fast creation of valid XML with DTD control.
  571. pear/XML_Feed_Parser                           1.0.5            Providing a unified API for handling Atom/RSS
  572. pear/XML_fo2pdf                                0.98             Converts a xsl-fo file to pdf/ps/pcl/text/etc with the help of apache-fop
  573. pear/XML_FOAF                                  0.3.1            Provides the ability to manipulate FOAF RDF/XML
  574. pear/XML_GRDDL                                 0.2.0            A PHP library for dealing with GRDDL.
  575. pear/XML_HTMLSax                               2.1.2            A SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
  576. pear/XML_HTMLSax3                              3.0.0            A SAX parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents
  577. pear/XML_image2svg                             0.1.1            Image to SVG conversion
  578. pear/XML_Indexing                              0.3.6            XML Indexing support
  579. pear/XML_MXML                                  0.3.0            Framework to build Macromedia Flex applications.
  580. pear/XML_NITF                                  1.1.1            Parse NITF documents.
  581. pear/XML_Parser                                1.3.4            XML parsing class based on PHP's bundled expat
  582. pear/XML_Query2XML                             1.7.2            Creates XML data from SQL queries
  583. pear/XML_RDDL                                  0.9              Class to read RDDL (Resource Directory Description Language) documents.
  584. pear/XML_RPC                                   1.5.5            PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol
  585. pear/XML_RPC2                                  1.1.1            XML-RPC client/server library
  586. pear/XML_RSS                                   1.0.2            RSS parser
  587. pear/XML_SaxFilters                            0.3.0            A framework for building XML filters using the SAX API
  588. pear/XML_Serializer                            0.20.2           Swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files. Creates XML files from data structures and vice versa.
  589. pear/XML_sql2xml                               0.3.4            Returns XML from a SQL-Query.
  590. pear/XML_Statistics                            0.2.0            Class to obtain statistical information from an XML documents.
  591. pear/XML_SVG                                   1.1.0            XML_SVG API
  592. pear/XML_svg2image                             0.2.0            Converts a svg  file to a png/jpeg image.
  593. pear/XML_Transformer                           1.1.1            XML Transformations in PHP
  594. pear/XML_Tree                                  2.0.0RC3         *** PHP5 now comes with very good XML handling, consider using it if possible. Otherwise, use XML_Serializer ***
  596.                                                                 Represent XML data in a tree structure
  597. pear/XML_Util                                  1.2.1      1.2.1 XML utility class
  598. pear/XML_Util2                                 0.1.0            A refactoring of XML_Util to E_STRICT PHP5.
  599. pear/XML_Wddx                                  1.0.2            Wddx pretty serializer and deserializer
  600. pear/XML_XPath                                 1.2.4            The PEAR::XML_XPath class provided an XPath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering and query interface.
  601. pear/XML_XPath2                                                 The PEAR::XML_XPath2 package provided an XPath/DOM XML manipulation, maneuvering and query interface.
  602. pear/XML_XRD                                   0.2.2            PHP library to parse and generate Extensible Resource Descriptor (XRD) Version 1.0 files.
  603. pear/XML_XSLT_Wrapper                          0.2.2            Provides a single interface to the different XSLT interface or commands
  604. pear/XML_XUL                                   0.8.3            Class to build Mozilla XUL applications.
  606.             </code></pre>
  607.             </div>
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